Tampolodge - Masoala National Park

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Hotel / Restaurant

End of the day in then ricefieldsstandard Bungalow: double room
photo © Eric Mathieu - 2007

The lodge now has in all 9 bungalows: 5 with shared bathroom facilities and 4 bungalows with private bathrooms. They are arranged along the Bay of Antongil within an old cinnamon plantation around a redesigned garden with some majestic trees (Hintsy), feet of vanilla and pineapple.

The area is large enough to ensure the feeling of freedom, the common facilities block was built with two showers and two toilets.

Most of the bungalows are consisted mainly with 02 single beds. The whole infrastructure was built with materials brought directly from Maroantsetra in perfect harmony with the environment of the site.

All bungalows are equipped with mosquito nets.

Concerning meals, we offer a unique menu changing every day, always composed with a starter , a main course and a dessert. The quality of our food is one of the elements that made the reputation of Tampolodge.

Tampolo site is particularly popular among visitors, with its regular maintenance, with its mild climate, with the fusion of the buildings with the local environment, you'll be surprised by the good harmony. With no doubt it is the best place to begin a walk and to relax.

Intérieur Bungalow
Bungalow standard – twin bedded room

Giuseppe, Bruno and all their local team, will always be there to bring you the final touch, to help you in your journey or simply also to make your stay enjoyable.

Tampolodge is a marriage between the comfort of a good nights, good meals and the old dream of a lifetime to Robinson. Whatever your desires, your preferences, there will always be a good mood among guests.

We invite you to join us for a good time.

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Giuseppe & all the staff.

Bungalow sur la plage
Just on the beach...
Salle à manger
Before walk, a great breakfast
Bungalow familial
Familial bungalow

Sanitaires privés
Shower inside familial room