Tampolodge - Masoala National Park

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End of the day in then ricefieldsDining Room at Tampolodge
photo © Eric Mathieu - 2007

Welcome in TampoLodge ! Tonga Soa !

Madagascar. Northeast Coast. Maroantsetra. Masoala Peninsula. Antongil Bay. One of the last paradise on earth is there, Tampolo, a wonderful place where the forest meets the sea:Sublime hills full of vigor and exuberance, basaltic remnants piercing the vast ocean and coral... We welcome you in the heart of a beautiful creek lying within a friendly structure. The Nature offers you its green carpet.

Project initiated by Giuseppe, a former researcher who did several missions in the region for the Peregrine Fund, the site also served as base camp to the fantastic adventure of Radeau des Cimes in 2001, led by Francis Hallé, fervent admirer of primary forests worldwide.

Only accessible by boat or on foot, Tampolo’s world is a world apart. Wild nature lovers will find there what they are interested in the whale songs to the cries of Vareciaand the melody of waves over the sand to the most incredible concerts species of frogs.

Surrounded by the Masoala National Park representing more than 250 000ha of protected primary forest, a wealthful but still unknown park, it combines extraordinary animal species and plants among the strangest and the most important rate of endemism. One river succeeds to an other one from the heart of Masoala, bringing a mixture of life absolutely unique.

But the marine park is not to be left and funds are also very rich in biodiversity, different species of turtles, clams, shellfish and myriad of colorful reef fish, dolphins frolic in the bay.
and of course the ritual passage of whales from July to October, when they decide to go back to warmer waters and give birth. Amazing ballet to see these giants of the seas blown completely out of the water, play, stroll to the currents in the sound of their powerful winds.

Rainy day in the ricefields
Nice bungalows straight on the beach
photo © Eric Mathieu - 2007

Many species can be seen here such as the Red Varecia (Varecia rubra), very particular to the region. Tampolo is known to be the perfect place to observe this kind of lemur.

But you may also be lucky enough to see the Helmet Vanga (Euryceros prevostii), a bird that can be recognizable by its large electric blue beak, the nocturnal lemurs the famous Aye Aye (Daubentonia madagascariensis), geckos including strange uroplates princes of camouflage chameleons like the tiny Brookesia perrieri that can be handled in the palm of the hand and many other species ...

The plant variety is even more impressive with some examples such as the beautiful and majestic Satran'ala that exists only here, but also some species of palms that few specimens are only found today.

With his friend Bruno, Giuseppe was able to recreate a variety of activities combining walking, farniente and canoeing.

In this idyllic setting of nature, their good mood and that of their team, young and motivated from the surrounding villages, is contagious.In this haven of peace and happiness,with the good quality of food, cool drinks, the majesty of an unforgettable sunset, everyone just fullfills his own dreams.

Come and share these moments of intense pleasure with us, you are always welcome!

See you !


Green vanilla beans on the vine
Beautiful waterfall deep in the rainforest
photo: ©Eric Mathieu - 2007
Dried vanilla beans
Incredible beaches with beautiful colors
photo: ©Eric Mathieu - 2007