Tampolodge - Masoala National Park

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Magnifique plageMost beaches succeed one another the some in the others
photo © Eric Mathieu - 2007

Tampolo Lodge is above all situated between two all over the world reappointed reserves, the special reserve of Nosy Mangabe and the national park of Masoala, without considering the various marine parks situated around the peninsula. Furthermore, between July and September, whales with bump come to put low in warmer waters of the bay of Antongil, offering to all the unhoped-for opportunity to see them closely and to attend this extraordinary show.

From Maroantsetra, we can organize small walks on the various rivers which surround the city, from one hour till several hours, they are a sweet and pleasant approach of the life. It is also one of means of transportation the most used by Malagasy... And when storms beat down on the city during the cyclonic season, it is in dugout also that we are going to make it market in full city center!

The reserve or forest station of Farankaraina is also a particular destination to try to discover it very strange Aye Aye...

Le vert intense des forêts
The forest in its exuberance ultimate
photo © Eric Mathieu - 2007

Maroantsetra is a point of departure for excursions allowing to join the other regions, as Antalaha in the northeast, or Andapa in the North, they are very often true expeditions where it is necessary to be used to walk in sometimes difficult conditions. We shall not speak about it here.

The city of Andapa in the North, in the region of the SAVA, the other attic with rice of Madagascar as Maroantsetra, is also a very interesting anchorpoint for the discoveries of the primary forests of mountain as the national park of Marojejy or the special reserve of Anjanaharibe-Sud.



Our excursions.

Paisible rivière
Peaceful river dugouts wait you for the morning stroll for
photo © Eric Mathieu - 2007

All our excursions are flexible, we provide you with a boat and a team consisted at least of a guide and a cook, even carriers following the size of the business to walk or photo equipments. The boat, as for him, is of use to the supply and to the transport of the material of estate management.

We can join Tampolo on foot also from Maroantsetra in 3 days via Masindrano and Nandrahanana.

On the road of Tampolo, we can stop on the very famous island of Nosy Mangabe. Island full of history with its graves and its pirates' writings engraved on rocks, mysterious island where we look for Aye Aye and where we are surprised by the impressive shouts of Varecias, these big black and white lemurs were specially introduced on the site into a frame of life-size captivity. The island is also the best place to discover uroplates, these geckos champions in the art of the camouflage. We can also walk towards the former headlight, the relic in ruin of what still served there is not so for a long time. Camps are realizations of Madagascar National Parks (formerly ANGAP) and consist of shelters tempt solids, of a corner cook and of blocks toilets-showers. Sober but always comfortable. We can cross a few hours as a few days there, do not hesitate to ask us for customized circuits, our team will make the maximum to fill our waits.

Encore une magnifique plage
Beaches and cliffs of corals are at your disposal
photo © Eric Mathieu - 2007

Another possibility is be brought by boat until Ambanizana and to finish on foot until Tampolo, 4 at 6 am of walking following the conditions, following the rhythm but also according to the observations made current. You will have then widely the time to relax you spot time.

Around Tampolo, there is numerous tracks which guides know perfectly and which take you inside the forest to discover it this extraordinary world and this itch of lives. Whether it is towards the waterfall, towards the former railroad which allowed the wooden cups of the former French colonists, towards Lohatrozona (the head of the whale in Malagasy) to discover it red Varis even simply in dugout along the magnificent river which adjoins the site and which allows, during approximately one hour, to consider completely lost in this universe made by silence and by strange and rare rumours...

You can also be put down more in the South, to Antalaviana, terminus of the former railroad of forestry development and returned on foot, your picnic in the shoulder bag... Fifteen kilometres without difficulties, to follow magnificent beaches and to cross rivers and rivers.

Un des bateaux de service
One of our boats for the transfer to Tampolo Lodge
photo © Eric Mathieu - 2007

More in the South still, we can organize you a departure up to the cape Masoala, between the village of Masoala and that of Ambodilahitry. You will so have the possibility of discovering the magnificent islands of Nosy Behento, immense lagoons and places to dive in apnea in the heart of coral reefs. During your route, you will perceive the villages of Fampotabe, Rantranavona and Ankazofotsy, all isolated in small privative bays where the time has no more the same importance.

It is also possible to make the member women of the association come of the women of Ambodiforaha so that they make some traditional dances at sunset, let delude, you will never forget.

Finally, when the season is convenient and the clement enough time, exits of a few hours to go, without disturbing them, to approaching whales during their long migration from Antarctica, can be arranged.

As we said it, all these circuits are flexible, contact us for more information, we always remain at your disposal so that your stay among us is of the most pleasant and of the most complete.

Petit coin de paradis
Place of paradise
photo: ©Eric Mathieu - 2007
Plage secrète
Beaches, always more beautiful...
photo: ©Eric Mathieu - 2007